Post Launch Progress

Whoa I haven’t¬†posted in a while on here I kept most of my progress in my offline journal

But thought I would shoot a update here…

So to sum it up – I’ve learnt so much in such a small amount of time with a mentor, I created my own product and launched it and yes made money as well! Cha ching! ūüôā

Here’s a few things that has happened in the last few months..

– I created a product with an expert – Robert Temple

-Packaged it up

-Dialed in all the sales material for it, and created an automated website

РBuilt relationships with some awesome and supportive people, you know who you are! and also gained a few affiliates to promote my offer while I was at it.

– Made some money!

The endless rollercoaster of emotions trying to get this start up off the ground was all worth it by that first sale and super grateful for that!

There is nothing like the feeling of completing something from scratch, which took a while to create, and then seeing it pay off for the first time, knowing I added value to the life of another!

Not to mention the great feedback I recieved.

I gotta admit, I felt pretty discouraged whenever I got stuck, but I kept going, and worked through the hard days. My mentor Alex, kept me on track along with supportive friends. It was so important to have likeminded people by your side.

Now the only thing to do is wash rinse and repeat and scale up!

All in all, I found that if you stick to one thing long enough NO MATTER what it is, you can achieve whatever you want to accomplish. Like water carving rock. Be the water

Even if you feel discouraged, you keep your eye in the prize(your vision) and grind it out especially on the hard days.

This whole process was such an great experience for me and so grateful for Alex Jeffreys and his team for all their help right till the end.

Now that I’ve seen what is possible online, What’s actually going through my mind for my next step is a mystery. I’m starting to have a change of heart on which niche I’m in.

Not that I am going to leave my make money online niche¬†completely but I much rather go into something that I’m more a passionate about and¬†I resosonate more with!

As of right now I don’t know what it is (doh) but I am gearing my mind to discovering excatly that.¬†¬†It’s time to have that conversation with myself of where I want to be in the future.¬†I’ve been meeting new people everyday and discovering what is pulling me towards it the most.

My goal is to figure out how I can be the best person I can be, doing the things that I am meant to do,  to share this with the world to be part of or create something greater

I find writing and reflecting a helpful way to get your thoughts on paper so I’ll be blogging much more frequently and sharing my findings to help you as well!

Have a great day ūüėÄ

2 thoughts on “Post Launch Progress”

  1. You are so right… be the water. Non of the greats like Tiger Woods or Micheal Jordan became great overnight. They were like water… taking consistent action, honing their skills and never accepting defeat.

    1. Exactly Alecia!
      Eveyone I know who is successful has done this process and still use it…, No matter which field!

      Thanks for stopping by ūüėÄ

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