This marks the day where I will change my life.

Done. I am tired of working for somebody else, Waking up everyday doing something that I have lost all sense of satisfaction for and worst of all, feeling like I’m not going anywhere with my life making someone else’s dreams come true!

Yes thats right!  I just quit my job! Done with that and I will never go back again. I know a little bit of a bold move but I’m not as stupid as just quitting and hoping for the best.  I did plan for this step ;). I believe YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO, and being in a construction site all day is NOT what I wanted to do.

This will motivate me to move forward with this change, instead of falling back to my normal routine, and I started this blog to keep my self accountable.

My family and friends think I’m little crazy and are wondering what I am doing with all this stuff fair enough but I’m now very aware that if I don’t start now…  TODAY… in this PRESENT DAY, I’ll never start. Not that magical moment when the stars align and its the most prefect opportunity to start something.

I was introduced to the world of online business from a friend who I met traveling in Colombia. He had the freedom and lifestyle of his dreams and I knew that was what I also wanted.

He did what he wanted, when he wanted, where ever he wanted and still made a contribution to the world in a positive way. Why? Because he went after his dream and achieved it. I knew this was exactly what I wanted.

This got me excited and pushed me towards change. I started researching everything I could about online business. 

Over the next few months, I started researching and learning about online marketing. I started this website and even made my first affiliate sale!

This didn’t come easy though, I still had to put the work in and go through the headaches of building a website and learning about all the theory of marketing.

I found the most common mistake is making sense of all the information we are bombarded with in the marketing world.

Either way, this strengthened my belief that this stuff works and now I just have to scale the process! But the results weren’t coming fast enough so I knew I needed to find an expert in this field.

I recently signed up for a mentorship with big time entrepreneur/internet marketer Alex Jeffreys. He has been helping me out figure out what I want out of my own business and it has been great.

I  already have taken so much from the program and  know the path to have my own business. I’ll be working on this now full time and I am also in the process of creating my own product!

Exciting times ahead!

I will be updating this blog, and sharing everything I learn so be sure to sign up on updates and come back often!

I’m all for helping so If you made it this far and are reading this, let me know what you think, have any questions or if you just want to say hello, do so in the comments below!

All the best

Chau for now


8 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Hi Gurpal,

    A bold move indeed! But congrats for knowing what you want, where you want to be and taking massive action. All journeys must start with a first step and you’re on your way. Just be sure to put into practice everything you learn from Alex and you’ll do great! I look forward to seeing your progress and your success. 🙂

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Gurpal.
    Exciting times indeed!!!

    I’m just getting ready to launch my second product………..I can almost taste the big time! 🙂
    I’d offer to help if i can, but with Alex on your side you won’t NEED anyone else!! 🙂

    I wish you all the best.

    Steve Rich.

  3. Hey Gurpal…it’s more important for anyone to tell the world where you are in life RIGHT NOW so that they will know as time goes by where you are going to be in the future…you’ve set the stage now it’s time to play on it and when your state of play is successful teach the world HOW TO set their stage too…great story Gurpal…John.

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