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What Is Internet Marketing Really About?

I’ve have been working away for the past month, market searching, success, journaling, reading book after book. I had a realization and just wanted to share it with all of you

One of the things I came to realize is what is it all about?? If I want to make money on the internet, how is this any different than a homeless person on the street wanting few coins from people that walk by him?

When I thought of success all I thought was how can I become rich!? I want to make passive income. I want to make XYZ amount of cash. It was all about me.

I thought like this when I first started. Why else would I get into it?

I came to realize If I keep thinking about myself and how I can make money and how I can benefit, I won’t get very far and it’s actually, not even about me at all!

But I have it and shifted my mind to start asking the right questions and made me look at business and marketing a whole different way.

So what is it really about?

Stop thinking about myself and what I want and think of how I can help other people and what they want! Only then money will start flowing.

I’ve learnt it’s about relationships. The quality of those relationships will determine your success. When I learnt this, reality literally slapped me across the face.

This is so important and subtle of a message that it can be ignored and overlooked.

It took me a while of it getting drilled into me to actually understand this.

Focusing on other people makes you start focusing on what you can do for them, and stop focusing on your personal struggles as well.

Once you stop treating people as clicks and treat them as real people who are buying your products or services you will see a huge change!

Start asking yourself questions based on that principal.

Here are a few examples

What are other peoples problems?
How can you solve these problems?
What need can I fill?
How can you add value to someone else’s life?
How you can help people get what they want?
What does the market craving?

Become a person that delivers value!

Stop chasing money, Position yourself so that money will flow to you – Alex Jeffreys

Till next time!

Can you think of something that can be added? Did I miss something? What were your biggest realizations when you first started your business?